Friday, October 24, 2014

  Be safe over the Halloween Break

BeFunky_Irish Pumpkin 10

Irish Halloween Blessing

At all Hallow’s Tide, may God keep you safe
From goblin and pooka and black-hearted stranger,
From harm of the water and hurt of the fire,
From thorns of the bramble,
From all other danger,
From Will O’ The Wisp haunting the mire;
From stumbles and tumbles and tricksters to vex you,
May God in His mercy, this week protect you.
--Maureen McCabe

Friday, October 3, 2014

Celebrating Teachers in Scoil Chaitriona Junior

What Kindness Means 

When every detail of what you taught has been forgotten, enthusiasm, encouragement and kindness will remain.


Thank you for never being sarcastic - the thing that baffles and bewilders a child.


A good techer gives the best job - like feeding the fish or watering the plants -to the saddest person.


A good teacher remembers being small - and understands the terrors and the sadness, the excitements and the joys of the children in the class.


A good teacher knows when you are very sad - even if you haven't said anything at all, and lets you know you can tell her / him all about it - if you want to. 


If  a teacher really cares for her / his class it spreads.

Thank you for good teachers in Scoil Chaitríona